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June 5, 2015/Sermons /No Comments

Excerpt from last week’s sermon

We’ve been so accustomed and trained to see God only work during times when we go to retreats or revivals in church and have forgotten that God works in this world as well. We have not been trained to see God working in this world. God is always at work, looking to redeem the world and working through us to accomplish this. We need to train ourselves to see God at work in the world and to flow in sync with God. We need to awaken our spiritual senses when we are in our homes, our workplaces, among our friends and colleagues. We have to expand our understanding of the presence of God.

We have to think of God as the source of living water and we are the ducts and channels through which His waters flow. A healthy dam collects water and is consistently opened to allow water to flow at a regular rate to irrigate the soil and to distribute water to the people. But we have allowed too much water to accumulate and the walls of the dam are holding way too much water. Today, let’s allow God to flow through us and trust that His water will nourish and quench the thirst of those looking for Him.

“Remain in me, as I also remain in you.” – Jesus

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